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The secret behind the unmistakeable character of Dallmayr coffee lies in the raw beans: we use only exceptional highland varieties from the finest growing regions in the world. We obtain the majority of our coffee from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Brazil.

The beans are destined for a long journey. Our coffee buyers take great care to ensure consistently high quality and trace the entire development of our beans, following them from their country of origin to the shop counter.

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Arabica beans from the highlands of Ethiopia form the basis for almost every variety of Dallmayr coffee. Situated in North East Africa, the country provides an ideal combination of fertile soil, high altitude and a benevolent climate. To this day, the cherries are harvested from coffee plants that grow wild in forests or are cultivated on small farms.

Quality from the bean to the cup

Working in close contact with the farmers, our experts visit locations to inspect the quality in person. Even when they are still growing on the bushes, the cherries hint at the quality of the beans inside, and ultimately of the coffee in the cup. Our experts buy only coffee that has ripened slowly and fully in high regions with a favourable climate and that has been carefully picked and prepared by hand. The coffee cherries are then ‘washed’ in a special process that also serves to enhance the qualities of the green coffee beans.

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Back in Germany, our experts sample up to 400 cups of coffee every day to test different deliveries and to determine which blends should be used. The challenge consists in achieving the same taste profile for each variety of Dallmayr coffee year after year, despite variations in the quality of harvest. In this way, we can guarantee that your cup of prodomo or Crema d’Oro, for example, will always have a delicious flavour.


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