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Alois Dallmayr, or Dallmayr for short, is a large delicatessen in the heart of Munich. It can boast over three centuries of tradition and is one of the best-known German brands of coffee. Today, several different companies operate under this umbrella business. Read more

The long-established company has remained a family-run enterprise to this day. Its business falls into the following areas: delicatessen and gastronomy, party and catering services, coffee and tea products, and vending and office machines. In the city of Munich, Dallmayr is a local institution that attracts around three million visitors from near and far every year.

Georg Randlkofer manages the delicatessen and gastronomy divisions as well as the party and catering services, while Wolfgang Wille oversees both the coffee and tea division and the vending and office business. The pair are general partners of the parent organisation Alois Dallmayr.

The company currently employs around 2.500 people around the world, including 1,700 staff in Germany. Every year, Dallmayr produces some 46,000 tonnes of roast coffee at five locations in Germany: Munich, Berlin, Brunswick, Bremen and Dortmund. The Vending & Office division operates in 14 countries in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. In the out-of-home market, Dallmayr also supplies high-end restaurants, cafés and bars across Germany through two specialised subsidiaries: Azul Kaffee in Bremen and Heimbs Kaffee in Brunswick.

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