No. 16 East Frisian
Small-Leaf Blend
with Golden Tips

Intense Assam tea from the best plucking season from May to June lends this tea blend its typically spicy character. East Frisian tea lovers enjoy this rich tea with rock sugar and fresh cream.


Pour fresh, boiling water over one level teaspoon of tea for each cup.

Brewing time 3–4 minutes

Tip from the Dallmayr tea expert: To enjoy Assam tea the East Frisian way, put one or two large pieces of rock sugar into the cup before filling it with tea. Pour the hot tea over the sugar so that it breaks apart with a gentle snap and crackle. Using the reverse side of a spoon, carefully add some unwhipped cream, letting it run down the inside rim of the cup. A delicate white cloud forms on top of the tea. Do not stir the drink. In this way, you will first taste the cool cream, followed by the full-flavoured tea and finally the last few sips with a slightly sweeter flavour from the rock sugar. A real experience!


Tea is a sensitive natural product. It should therefore be kept in a cool, dry place away from strong-smelling items. Tea caddies with a good seal are ideal for storage and make a perfect small gift for tea lovers.


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