Fancy Oolong

Oolong teas from Taiwan are extremely rare and are among the most exquisite teas in the world. Peach trees offer shade to protect the tea shrubs from the sun. The tea is harvested when the peach trees blossom, giving the tea leaves their fine, floral peach aroma. Makes a delicately fragrant and mellow cup.


Pour fresh, boiling water over one heaped teaspoon of tea for each cup.

Brewing time 3–5 minutes


Like green tea, oolong tea can be topped up two or three times!


Tea is a sensitive natural product. It should therefore be kept in a cool, dry place away from strong-smelling items. Tea caddies with a good seal are ideal for storage and make a perfect small gift for tea lovers.


Oolong tea (semi-fermented)

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