Fruits of the Forest

A light summer fruit sensation in your teacup with the full flavour of wild apples, blackberries, strawberries and blackcurrants. Deliciously refreshing.


Pour fresh, boiling water over one teabag for each cup.

Brewing time 5–10 minutes

To prepare iced tea, we recommend pouring 500 ml of hot, strong tea over 500 ml of ice cubes, adding sugar or sweetener to taste.


Infusion bags are a fast, convenient alternative to loose leaf tea. The finer grade of leaf in teabags differs from leaf and broken teas solely in terms of leaf size, not in terms of quality.


Hibiscus blossom, apple extract, blackberry leaves, flavouring, acidifier (citric acid), blackcurrant fibres, rose hip peel, strawberry fibres, blackberry fibres

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