Grand Cru No. 111
Assam Golden Tips

The province of Assam in North-East India is the single largest tea-growing region in the world. Assam tea is very rich and characterised by a spicy, malty taste. From June, the finest second-flush Assam is harvested.

Only new shoots and the first two leaves are plucked to make our top-quality tea. As a result, the selection contains a particularly large amount of golden yellow tips. An exquisite gentleman’s tea with a delicate nose and an intense, dark colour.

Tea quality in its purest form: Grand Cru means ‘great growth’. Our Grand Cru range offers you a choice of exclusive teas from a very specific garden and which contain the typical character of that area. They are available in a pure, unmixed form as Grand Cru tea, For this reason, the taste may vary slightly from year to year.


Pour fresh, boiling water over one level teaspoon of tea for each cup. Brewing time 3–4 minutes

Our tip

Enjoy Assam tea in the traditional East Frisian way with cream and rock sugar


Tea is a sensitive natural product. It should therefore be kept in a cool, dry place away from strong-smelling items. Tea caddies with a good seal are ideal for storage and make a perfect small gift for tea lovers.


Black tea

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