Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is one of the best-known specialities from the Middle Kingdom. Delicate white jasmine flowers add an unmistakable flavour to this green leaf tea as well as an enchanting, mellow aroma. The freshly picked jasmine blossoms only retain their aroma for a short time, which is why they are mixed with the tea leaves immediately after being harvested, allowing them to transfer their fragrance to the tea, This intricate process, which is known as ‘marriage’ in professional circles, has a long-established tradition. Treat yourself to a little time out and enjoy an elegant spring blend with our jasmine tea.


Allow fresh, boiling water to cool to 80°C and pour over one slightly heaped teaspoon of tea for each cup.

Brewing time 3–4 minutes


Tea is a sensitive natural product. It should therefore be kept in a cool, dry place away from strong-smelling items. This is especially true for green tea, which we recommend storing in the refrigerator. Tea caddies with a good seal are ideal for storage and make a perfect small gift for tea lovers.


Green tea, jasmine blossoms

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